Welcome to Mr Ducktail’s world, a hairdresser addicted to switchblade rockabilly hairstyles.
He’s a Frenchy who’s been living in London since 2008, where he opened his own salon, ”It’s Something Hell’s” with his wife Miss Betty. Located in Kingly Court, at the very heart of London, it’s quickly become the real place for all those nostalgic for the 50s. Retro design salon, rock’n’roll hairdresser, pin-ups and hair grease… Welcome Greasers!

A co-branding with Hairgum, the famous wax brand, led to the creation of the Mr Ducktail range: a hair wax and an anti-wax shampoo, both available to buy online on the Hairgum website.
Mr.Ducktail – The Worst One London

From his stylish logo designed by Vince Ray to his ”hair grease” exported to retro hair salons and barber shops around the world, Mr Ducktail will surely keep surprising us!

“Trendy Magazine recommends all rockabilly, rock’n’roll or hairdressing fans who travel to London to stop by this prestigious shop that attracts a big crowd of clients and journalists.” Trendy Magazine, April 2012.

“Put volume in your hair & it’s sex” GQ Magazine

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